Egypt's 2nd Skyscrapers Conference
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Egypt's 2nd Skyscrapers Conference

After the success of Egypt's 1st Skyscrapers Conference with the support of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. For this, we are glad to announce our next conference from the 27th till the 29th of Feb.

We have to thank everyone who attended our 1st Conference in June 2019 enjoying our exciting, interesting lectures and discussions with the talented speakers who generously gave their time and knowledge. The evaluations of the event were extremely positive with numerous great comments. For all the delegates who contributed so much. Thanks all.

The start was 2019

The Conference started with an institutional welcome followed by a keynote speech. Know more.

The conference discussed several key themes, including the largest tower in Africa to be built in the new administrative capital, the 20 tower business, and finance hub, and the new technologies used to design and construct such buildings.

Be ready for February 2020

The conference will highlight design and building technology innovation in the Egyptian high-rise sector ,aimed at attracting major developers, investors, local authorities, and architects, engineer and contractors that are focused on the delivery of tall buildings.

More  internationally-known speakers who provide keynote presentations, participate in panel discussions, and explore a variety of case studies on the smartest, most innovative and sustainable skyscrapers occupying Egypt and the world.

Learn from industry pioneers on how to build high-rise better and the complexities of transferring engineering principles from low-rise to high-rise structures to deliver the most prestigious projects

The conference provides positive return-on-investment and will be one of the most well-attended events dedicated to the industry.

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